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Neodymium Specs & Holding Rating

Quoted Measurements:

As each individual magnet may vary a little, the quoted measurements are for comparative purposes only. If specifics are required, samples will be supplied for your testing.

The "Maglab Holding Rating" is based on estimated holding power of the magnet on clean, flat, mild steel, 3mm thick. The holding power is always effected by the material it is gripping.

The grade, tollerances and gauss readings are as per the latest purchases and as quoted by the supplier.

Most our Neodymium Magnets have a N38 rating.

There specifications are therefore

Remanence Flux Density   12,400Gauss

Coercive Force                   11,000 Oersted

Maximum Operating Temperature  80 Degrees C

Curie Temperature                         310 Degrees C

Tolerences +/- 0.01mm

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